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The week of October 16-20, 2017 is focused on Digital Citizenship. But here in SRVUSD we think this topic is so important that we will be sharing tips with our families throughout the month of October. We are trying something new this year by offering parents, students and staff the opportunity to receive a text message each week with information about helping students learn to be good Digital Citizens. Each text message will include information, an activity to do with your child, and additional resources. 

These text messages through are optional. If you are interested, you can sign up by either sending a text message or using the join code with the Remind app on your phone.

  • For Elementary Schools: Text the code: @98g32b  to the phone #: 81010 or use the app link:
  • For Middle Schools: Text the code: @8fb8kh  to the phone #: 81010 or use the app link:
  • For High Schools: Text the code: @34cffb to the phone #: 81010  or use the app link:

In addition to signing up for our text messages, parents can take some simple steps created by Common Sense Education to celebrate kids using technology safely, responsibly, and respectfully:

  1. Take the Digital Citizenship for All Pledge.
    1. Take the pledge
  2. Ask your kids to create their own pledges.
    Encourage your kids to write their own personal pledges about being good digital citizens in their everyday lives. A pledge could take the form of a motto or a slogan, a song, or a rap. It can rhyme, but it doesn’t have to.
    Download activity sheet
  3. Have a #DeviceFreeDinner.
    Digital citizenship doesn’t end in the classroom. Home environments also shape kids’ relationships with technology. While we promote technology use for learning, fun, and bringing people together, it’s also important to balance media and tech use with undistracted face-to-face time.
    Try the #DeviceFreeDinner challenge with your families to drive home the message of balance with device use:

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