Digital Footprint

It’s not a surprise that today we spend much of our time online for purposes of entertainment, managing our daily lives, research, shopping, study and hanging out with friends. What is less apparent is the personal footprint created by all that online interaction. This digital footprint is ultimately a public presentation that one day may be reviewed by colleges, future employers or really anyone who takes the time to do a Google search.

The following Common Sense Media video demonstrates how what you post online can stay with you for life:

Some of the areas that leave a digital footprint include:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapschat, YouTube – think that conversation or photo is private? Think again. It takes seconds to take a screenshot or save an online image, repost and/or share with someone else.

Web merchants and websites – Every time someone purchases something online or fills out information on a website, they are sharing information with the people who own that website.

Text Messages and email – Send a funny remark or photo to a friend? Once you hit send, it can go anywhere. Think before you click.