Teacher and Student

Today’s educators are integrating technology daily into the classroom. As part of that work, they are also teaching our students the safe and ethical use of digital tools so that they can be good digital citizens in the 21st century technology-driven world.

At SRVUSD, we are developing a Three-Year Digital Citizenship Action Plan to further outreach to students, staff and parents on this important topic. This work includes encouraging our teachers and schools to become certified through Common Sense Media.

To assist educators, SRVUSD is developing courses on Haiku that will be available by fall 2015. We are also working on developing guidelines and best practices around using Apps and getting parent consent. Finally, we will be posting an Web Publishing Guide to help all SRVUSD staff when using student names and photos on websites.

Contact the SRVUSD Tech TSAs

Angie Corritone, Ed Tech TSA

Kristen Berg, Ed Tech TSA